There are more than fifteen years, a handful of passionate collectors of local military history decided to meet informally to remember and commemorate the involvement of Alpine troops during the twentieth century. As a tribute to the film by Marcel Ichac (photographer, filmmaker and journalist) on the battle of the Alps 1944-1945, it was decided to call this association "Tempête sur les Alpes" (Storm of the Alps).

     Since 1997, the association is structured becoming "Loi 1901" and its articles are filed with the prefecture of Savoie. Since autumn 2001, "Tempête sur les Alpes" is also part of the County Council of veterans and victims of war created by the National Office of Veterans Affairs (ONAC) and under association memory.

     End of 2010, the association has a special partnership with the Union of Associations of Departmental Affairs and War Victims of Savoie itself linked to the French Union of Associations of Victims Affairs and War, created by General de Gaulle on 14 May 1945 and recognized as a charity.

Article 1 of its Statutes states :
"The Association called French Union of Associations Affairs and" Victims of War - UFAC-founded in 1945, aims to gather outside "political interference and" confessional associations combatants "and victims of war to "coordinate their participation in the organization of" peace and "security" nationally and internationally and defend their interests "moral and material.

     Today the association has more than forty members, distributed throughout France with a majority of the district Rhône-Alps. All are driven by the same passion: to make known to the public by various means, the history of alpine units on the main battlefield of the twentieth century (the first and second world war, Indochina, Algeria).

     The most common association is called for benefits on the role of different troops (French, Italian and German) that fought during the Second World War in Savoy (the two "Battles of the Alps" and french Resistance, the "maquis").

     In no event shall our organization wants militaristic or "revenge" and refuses to deliver a message to political or any other form of proselytizing. Our goal is simply to pay tribute to our seniors for almost a century fought, sometimes sacrificed in the name of the values ​​of our Republic. The Veterans still present today have clearly understood our approach and we support them in their overwhelming majority. 

Activities :

Official commemorations
Several times a year the association is invited to participate in various commemorative ceremonies throughout France and even abroad.
     In collaboration with the civil authorities (municipalities, districts, associations, museums, veterans) and military (the 27th, 13th and 7th BCA (bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins) for example) the group walking door then required period identical to those worn by fighters place and time mentioned.
     During these ceremonies the group is able to move in and not to make weapons like a guard of honor at the time.

Pageants : 
     For our association, the pageant allows not to return the fury of the battle, but serves to show, as realistically as possible, what it was like and how living a fighter base in a particular place and time precise. These reconstructions are sometimes made ​​directly to historical journal editors but occur most often in public.
     For this purpose we relive the time of a weekend of historical places like some alpine fortifications (Fort de St Gobain, Fort du Télégraphe, Fort de l'Eseillon, etc .....).
     We also participate in France and sometimes abroad at festivals multi-periods where visitors can meet with groups ranging from the ancient to the most modern conflicts. 
      For these reconstructions, we have equipment that allows us to expose an original camp designed for twenty people present light weapons and equipment of the company we represent (rifles, machine gun, mortar but also communications equipment, medical equipment, etc ...), without forgetting the vintage vehicles.

Thematic exhibitions ;
     At the request of municipalities, military or private providers "Tempete sur les Alpes" is able to organize exhibitions on specific themes. These exhibits consist of posters, documentations, but also objects and period uniforms presented on mannequins or under glass.

Conference and publications :
Under the leadership of Laurent Demouzon, group historian, historical research is not forgotten, in fact it offers several times a year conference theme of this part of the story.

Movies :
     At the request of production companies or directors, our association has already been asked several times to provide equipment, vehicles and extras.

Forum :

     The forum of the Association's mission is only the sharing and exchange of knowledge in areas related to the history and uniformology alpine troops between 1888 and 1962 and more specifically the two battles of the Alps.

     Note that this forum has no items for sale, trade or estimates.

     After registering, you will find topics on the forum mentioning:

- Uniforms, materials, equipment, insignia, vintage photographs
- History: Establishment of Alpine troops, 1914/1918, 1939/1945, Indochina, Algeria, Alpine Artillery
- Frequently Asked Questions and identifications.

The inscription on the forum is absolutely conditional upon your approval of the settlement as well as your presentation.

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